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How do I join the class action lawsuit against CertainTeed for the defective siding installed on my house?

Matthew L. White
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Louisville, Kentucky. CertainTeed WeatherBoards fiber cement exterior siding products have been linked to many problems for homeowners, which include shrinking, cracking and warping. Consumers of these defective products know that these products are offered with a warranty. Unfortunately, those who purchased and/or installed these sidings and have experienced CertainTeed fiber cement siding problems complain that the manufacturer of the defective siding failed to abide by the terms of its contracts and warranties. If you have experienced shrinking, gapping, warping, cracking or other CertainTeed siding problems, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable for damage caused by the defective siding, as well as breach of contract. Fill out our free case review form today to have your claim reviewed and to hear back from a qualified and experienced class action lawyer.

CertainTeed Corp. is facing a putative class action that includes claims and allegations that its Weatherboards fiber cement exterior siding products are defective and that the company is failing to abide by the terms of its product warranties. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of plaintiffs, all of whom have experienced CertainTeed siding problems, including shrinking, cracking, warping, and the development of large gaps between the siding boards. There are consumers who are named plaintiffs in the CertainTeed lawsuit that also complain that, instead of honoring the terms of their product warranties, CertainTeed offered them unfinished replacement boards and refused to finish, deliver, install, paint, or otherwise reimburse them.

Have you experienced shrinking, cracking or other CertainTeed fiber cement siding problems? If you believe your sidings are defective products that were made by CertainTeed, then you may be able to participate in a nationwide class action lawsuit to recover compensation for damages to your house or property. Please take a moment to fill out the free case evaluation form to find out if you are eligible to obtain financial compensation for your CertainTeed siding problems.

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