You may have received word that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is pursuing criminal charges against the person (or people) responsible for your loved one’s death in a Kentucky nursing home. You may welcome that news. It may send a strong message to others who work in nursing homes that this behavior won’t be tolerated. It may punish those who took the life of your loved one. Yet it won’t do anything directly for you or your family.

Consider Filing a Civil Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Even if a criminal case has begun, you might consider filing a civil wrongful death case with the help of an experienced Kentucky wrongful death lawyer. A civil case may:

  • Allow your family to take action. You may be interested in the criminal case, but the case is being brought by the state and not by your family. A civil case can be brought by a family member, or representative of the estate, with standing.
  • Compensate your family for your loss. You may be able to recover for your loved one’s medical bills incurred prior to death, for funeral expenses, and for any other costs associated with the abuse or neglect that resulted in your loved one’s death.
  • Result in a punitive damage award. Punitive damages may further punish the person or people who killed your loved one.

Not every death that occurs in a Kentucky nursing home is a wrongful death. However, if your loved one was killed because of abuse or neglect in a Kentucky nursing home, then we encourage you to find out more about your rights.

Call a Kentucky Wrongful Death Lawyer Today

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