Vacuum Extractions May Cause Kentucky Birth Brain Injuries

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We all have used vacuums cleaning our house and carpets, but thinking about a doctor using a vacuum during birth may seem a bit unnatural. Although it is not the same type of vacuum you will find in your storage closet, it is similar in that it provides suction.

Why do Kentucky doctors use vacuum extractors during birth?

Obstetricians sometimes use vacuum extractors to assist them in getting a newborn out of the birth canal. They place a plastic cup on the head of the newborn and attach it to the vacuum extraction equipment, which provides a suction effect. This equipment helps speed up a complicated delivery; however, it can also cause serious birth injuries if not done correctly.

Kentucky vacuum injuries can lead to birth brain injuries, eye injuries and skull fractures. Because there is added pressure to the infant's head during this process and because the newborn is already at an increased risk without the amniotic fluid protecting its head, many birth injuries can arise due to vacuum extractions.

Because vacuum extractors have led to brain injuries, parents need to watch for signs of seizures and deficient motor skills after a vacuum extraction birth. Birth brain injuries in Kentucky are very serious and can impact the infant for the rest of his or her life. This type of injury can cause the child to need help eating, dressing, bathing, or doing any activity - even when the child becomes an adult. Because the injured child could require assistance for life, their parents also endure life-altering changes when a doctor fails to perform his job safely.

If your child has suffered a birth brain injury at the hands of a negligent doctor, please call Gray and White Law at 800.634.8767 today to find out your rights. Our Kentucky birth injury lawyers will provide you with a free legal consultation.

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