Why Go Through the Hassle of Switching Kentucky Car Insurance Providers?

You’ve been with the same insurance provider since you moved to Kentucky in 1992. Maybe you’ve had a claim, maybe not. Are you getting the best bang for your buck?

Why do people switch car insurance companies when it takes time and effort to comparison shop? DMV.org found out that the following are the main reasons that people considered a change worth the effort:

  • High Prices. You might have guessed it. Even if you got a great rate when you originally took out your policy, things change. You should check your insurer’s rates against other providers at least annually, and you can do this online.
  • Inadequate Coverage. If your circumstances are different now than they were when you got your current insurer—perhaps your driving habits have changed or you have additional or fewer drivers on your policy—it’s time to do some comparisons with other providers.
  • Negative Claims Experience. If you have submitted claims with your insurance company and found the insurer to be slow to process the claim or difficult to reach when you have questions, check out your options. Use consumer publications, online forums, and word of mouth to narrow your search.
  • Poor Customer Service. When your phone calls or emails to your insurance company go unanswered, or the employees are rude or unprofessional on the phone, you may want to consider another provider.

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