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Medication Errors: Chemotherapy Overdose or Mistake

Matthew L. White
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Medication errors lead to millions of injuries every year in the United States. A chemotherapy mistake can result in severe, if not fatal reactions. The reality is that many of these medication errors are preventable.

If you have been seriously injured because of a chemotherapy mistake, you may be eligible to file a Kentucky medication error claim. A Louisville medical malpractice attorney can examine the facts in your case to determine if you medical negligence did cause the mistake, which would be grounds for a valid claim.

Liability in a Kentucky Medication Error Claim

When it comes to liability in a Kentucky medication error claim, some of the parties who could be held liable for a chemotherapy error include:

  • doctors;
  • administering nurses or other medical staff; or
  • hospital or other facility where the error took place.  

The most common settings for a chemotherapy error are at an outpatient clinic, long-term care clinic or hospital.

Causes of a Chemotherapy Mistake

The causes of a chemotherapy mistake can include:

  • wrong packaging;
  • mislabeling;
  • dispensing incorrect strength of medication;
  • administering too much or too little medication;
  • failing to monitor a patient;
  • failing to properly communicate;
  • mixing up medication names (because of similarities); and
  • writing prescriptions incorrectly.  

Consequences of a Chemotherapy Mistake

The consequences of a chemotherapy mistake can be deadly; this is especially true if the mistake is not discovered immediately. Chemotherapy drugs are very powerful, so if there is a chemotherapy overdose, it can injure other areas of the body. Some patients have developed blood-related conditions that make them more susceptible to infections. A low platelet count could result in severe bleeding.

Keep in mind that while chemotherapy is designed to kill cancer cells, it can also act as a poison if it is given in large amounts. A chemotherapy overdose can poison the body instead of help it.

Proving Liability in a Kentucky Medication Error Claim

In order to prove liability in your Kentucky medication error claim, you will need to show the following:

  • there was a failure to provide a reasonable standard of care (negligence);
  • the negligence must have resulted in injury; and
  • the patient's damages must be the direct cause of that negligence. 

Proving negligence is not as easy as you might think. This is why you may need the help of a Louisville medical malpractice attorney, who has experience with these types of cases and can work with other medical professionals to help support your claim.  

Contact a Louisville Medical Malpractice Attorney

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