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Kentucky Birth Injury Law Firm Represents Brain Injury at Birth Cases

Childbirth is an exciting challenge for everyone involved—parents, the new infant, the medical staff—but usually the thought of a healthy infant awaiting the parents is enough to get people through it. Unfortunately, some infants are injured in the birthing process and Mother Nature isn’t always to blame.

How Did This Happen to Me?
You did everything right—taking the prenatal vitamins, reading all of the books, and preparing yourself both mentally and physically for your childbirth. You met with countless doctors and picked the one that felt “right.” You worked so hard to ensure you would have a safe childbirth, but your baby suffered a devastating brain injury in the process.

Injuries sustained during birth are often a matter of a communication breakdown within the medical staff or a poor decision made on the fly by your doctor. Some of the most common causes of Kentucky childbirth brain injuries are:



  • Prolonged or delayed delivery
  • Improper forceps or vacuum use
  • Oxygen deprivation

Further complications can result from the brain being damaged, including infantile paralysis or cerebral palsy.

What Do I Do Now?
If your baby was injured during birth in Kentucky, you may have a case. Though compensation may be the last thing on your mind right now, you are facing a future of living with the mistakes that your delivering doctor might have made. Physical therapy, medication, and care for your injured baby will be a massive financial burden, and you may be entitled to a significant sum of money.

The Louisville birth injury attorneys at Gray & White Law have been serving the Louisville and Jefferson County area for several years, earning favorable results for their clients with birth injury claims in Kentucky. If you or someone you love has suffered through a birth brain injury, contact our Kentucky birth injury law firm today for a complimentary consultation to see if you have a case.

You’ve been through a lot—let us help you look ahead.



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