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The attorneys of Gray & White handle class action lawsuits and litigation throughout Kentucky.The attorneys of Gray & White handle class action lawsuits and litigation throughout Kentucky.Class Action Lawsuits are filed when a group of individuals work together to ensure that they are compensated for monetary losses and/or damages to their person or property.  Class Actions aim to unite the wronged, and to give power to the individual by offering strength in numbers.  When an individual takes on a big business , his or her voice alone may not be heard.   However, when the affected parties cry out together, their call cannot be ignored.  There are many instances where not a few but hundreds or even thousands of individuals have come together to pursue justice.

Gray and White Law has successfully obtained Class Certification in multiple Class Actions in both State and Federal Courts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and throughout the United States.  In many instances, Certification is crucial as it allows a Plaintiff to contest wrongful activities even where the individual damages would normally make it financially impossible to contest such activities.  Very few firms have experience handling Class Actions and even fewer have won Class Certification.  We routinely do both.

Some examples of Class Action Lawsuits are:

  • Environmental Pollution (air pollution, odors, sewage back-up/basement flooding, landfill/groundwater contamination) 
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Antitrust
  • FLSA Wage & Hour (Unpaid Overtime)
  • Investor/Securities Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud (living trust mills, auto leasing, variable annuity, cable TV billing, cellular telephone billing, credit life insurance)
  • Multi-District Litigation/Complex Litigation

Environmental Pollution: Righting a Wrong and Protecting the Future
Air Pollution (Fallout)
The United States is known as a fast paced innovative country.  Businesses work hard to outdo the competition, to increase their profit margins.  To some, it makes no difference who they harm along the way.  A company may manufacture a product that, though relatively harmless in and of itself, creates toxic fallout as it is being made.  Residents living around the plant may become ill, sometimes gravely ill, due to the chemicals they have been breathing for years.  In this case, a Class Action may be the only way to stop the corporation, and to bring justice to those who have suffered.

In addition to fallout, nuisance odors can negatively affect a community.  A nuisance odor is one that frequently emanates from any number of sources.  Many times, a factory may be releasing an odor that, while not harmful, affects the quality of life of those in its path.  Obnoxious odors may alter the way people go about their lives.  A reoccurring odor may cause people to stay indoors, limit their time outside, and may prevent them from participating in outdoor activities.  This can negatively affect the lives of those within the community.  At times, the stench may keep home and business owners from opening their windows and may even permeate the interior of the building, making daily life almost unbearable.  People living in the path of obnoxious odors have the right to live a life free of the smells that negatively affect their lives.

Sewage Backup/ Basement Flooding
An improperly functioning sewage system can leave a homeowner dealing with the horrible experience of sewage backup or flooding.  Heavy rains often expose deficiencies in these systems.  The result is often massive destruction of both personal property and the home itself.  Homeowners and residents alike have the right to properly functioning sewer and wastewater treatment systems.

Groundwater Contamination / Landfill Contamination
Fallout is not the only way environmental pollution causes illness and death in a community.  Groundwater contamination is a real concern for many Americans.  There are over 10 million storage tanks buried underground in the United States.  These tanks contain gasoline, oil, or any number of hazardous chemicals.  As a tank ages it may corrode or crack, spilling its contents into the soil around it.  Eventually the liquid can make its way into the water table, affecting any water pumped from this underground aquifer. In a similar manner, residents living near landfills are often risk to contamination due to improperly contained landfills. The effects can be devastating to a communities health and property values.

The law firm of Gray and White Law, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has extensive experience in fighting for people who have been harmed by the selfish and irresponsible actions of polluters.  They are currently involved in multiple cases where thousands of victims have been affected by environmental pollution and have won cases totaling millions of dollars in damages.

Class Action Lawsuits:  Protecting the Consumer
Unfair business practices are used by both individuals and entire corporations.  Their aim is to make more money by misleading or lying to their customers.  Some examples are billing statements/invoices that are excessive or full of hidden fees, a lender that has convinced a buyer to sign on a loan that the buyer is not comfortable with, or retirement savings that are unfairly reduced.

If you believe that you have been taken advantage of and attempt to confront the offending company, some corporations can make you feel as if you are to blame, as if you signed on for their fees, their indiscretions.  If you have been a victim of unfair business practices, you may feel like you are fighting a battle against an entire army.  However, there are often many others who are in the same situation.

Just as frustrated, angry, and lost may be hundreds, if not thousands, of others who have fallen into the trap set by deceptive businesses.  In these cases, Class Action Lawsuits are the answer.  There are many times when Class Action Lawsuits are the only feasible way to have your voice heard, and to be taken seriously by a dishonest corporation or individual.

Attorneys Gray and White Law are the type of dedicated professionals who have your best interests at heart.  Some of their major victories have involved Class Action cases against insurance company giants and a statewide cable television operator.

If you have been wronged, then you need to have a strong advocate in your corner.  Attorneys, Mark K. Gray and Matthew L. White, along with their team of knowledgeable associates, will be your advocate.  Their experienced team will help you get the compensation you deserve by locating others who have been similarly victimized.  As your attorneys, Gray and White Law will use their extensive knowledge of Class Action Litigation to build a strong case, no matter the size or scope.  

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