Eyewitness accounts change over time and can be hard to obtain after an accident. If you want to use eyewitness accounts in your claim within the Kentucky statute of limitations, it’s advisable to collect this information quickly and speak to a Louisville personal injury attorney so that you don’t miss out on possible restitution. 

Importance of Gathering Eyewitness Accounts Immediately After Accident 

  • Memories fade and/or alter quickly: It can be hard to recall exact details months after an incident, and the mind may alter what it saw.  
  • It can be difficult to track down who was there later: If you don’t collect contact information on the scene, then you might not be able to speak with witnesses later. People move, and you may not be able to remember exactly who saw the accident. 
  • Witnesses may be afraid to talk about the accident later: If the accident was publicized in the news, or a witness was working while witnessing the accident, then he or she may be afraid to come forward, fearing discipline by an employer or backlash from others involved in the accident. 

Collecting evidence after your incident can be a struggle, and you may lose your chance of obtaining a fair and full settlement if all evidence is not presented. You should speak to your attorney as soon as possible for help.

Contacting a Louisville Personal Injury Attorney

Having fresh information will make it easier to file a claim within the Kentucky statute of limitations, a Louisville personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Gray and White could help. Contact us today for a free case consultation – 1-502-210-8942.

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