3 Ways to Prevent a Kentucky Hospital Malpractice Injury

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It is not your responsibility to avoid medical malpractice injuries. You can’t control what your doctor does, and you can’t foresee every possible mistake. Yet, you are the one who is going to feel the physical pain and bear the medical, emotional, and financial burden if you are injured at Norton Hospital in Louisville or at another Kentucky hospital. 

3 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Likelihood of Getting Hurt in the Hospital

Accordingly, you want to do what you can to prevent this type of injury from happening to you. To that end, you should consider:

  1. Requiring doctors, nurses, aides, and others to wash their hands before touching you. It may seem like something you would remind a small child to do. However, many adults need a reminder so that you can avoid suffering a significant infection.
  2. Asking questions about your care. This is especially important if you have a central line or catheter. The longer these devices stay in your body, the greater the chances may be of infections developing.
  3. Having a friend, relative or other advocate with you. If you are in the hospital, you are likely not feeling well. It is important to have someone with you who can question staff about treatments, procedures, and medications to make sure that you are getting what you need.

Unfortunately, even if you do all of these things, you may still be hurt by a medical mistake.

Call a Louisville Medical Malpractice Lawyer If You’ve Been Injured

If you have been injured in a Kentucky hospital, it is important to call an experienced Louisville medical malpractice lawyer for help, regardless of whether or not you took steps to prevent the injury. Please call us today at 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942 for a FREE consultation.