When inattention, miscommunication or other forms of negligence lead to a surgical mistake, it may be considered a form of medical malpractice in Kentucky. While the repercussions aren’t always severe, in some cases, malpractice can lead to serious or fatal injuries.
A majority of the surgical mistakes that happen are preventable. Not only can a surgeon be held liable, but also other medical personnel may be, such as a nurse, anesthesiologist and others.

Here are 4 common surgical mistakes: 

  • Organ Perforation – while performing surgery, an organ that is close by may be accidentally cut, punctured or nicked with scissors or scalpel;
  • Wrong-Site Surgery – surgery that is performed on the wrong organ, body part or side of the body;
  • Surgical Instruments Left Inside Patient – surgical instruments or sponges that are left inside a patient after he or she has been sutured; and
  • Wrong-Patient Surgery – performing unnecessary and potentially harmful surgery on the wrong patient. 

Although any type of surgical mistake is devastating, the impact of surgery on the wrong patient can be especially traumatic. You may be entitled to compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

Contacting a Louisville Medical Malpractice Attorney

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