4 Things Parents and Caregivers Can Do to Prevent an Acetaminophen Overdose in Children

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When a medication error leads to your child being seriously or fatally injured, you may have the right to file a claim against the negligent party. In some cases this may be a doctor or pharmacist. To learn who may be held liable and if you have the right to pursue a claim, contact Louisville medication error lawyers as soon as possible.

Looking Out for the Well-Being of Children

Here are 4 things that parents or caregivers can do to help prevent an acetaminophen overdose in children: 

  • talk with the doctor ahead of time about the concentration of liquid acetaminophen that should be given;
  • carefully read the drug facts on the label of the package in order to learn the concentration of the medicine, the correct dosage to give and other instructions;
  • only use the dosing device that is provided inside the product you purchased; and
  • don’t rely solely on the box’s banner that the product is new because label of the older concentration of acetaminophen also states the word “new.” 

If your infant or young child has overdosed on acetaminophen caused by a doctor’s or pharmacist’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Consult with Louisville medication error lawyers for help in determining if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

Contacting Louisville Medication Error Lawyers

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