The elderly are at a higher risk of suffering serious illness or injuries caused by overmedication. This risk increases when there are 2, 3 or more drugs prescribed to them. However, there are ways that you may be able to better protect your loved one in a nursing home.

Here are 5 safety tips that may help avoid overmedication of the elderly: 

  • have on hand an updated and complete list of all medications being taken (include what each one is for, when it should be taken and how);
  • check with your doctor or pharmacist about any potential side effects that may be experienced with a new medication, including any harmful interactions it may have with another drug;
  • each time a new medication is taken (over-the-counter or prescription), ask the doctor if there are any safety concerns you should be aware of;
  • have all prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy; and
  • dispose of any leftover or outdated medication. 

When you believe that your loved one was the victim of someone else’s negligence and it led to serious injuries caused by overmedication, you should seek legal counsel. You may be entitled to compensation. It is the doctor’s and pharmacist’s jobs to be the stewards of their patients’ healthcare. 

Contacting a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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