A few months ago, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued an alert that serious transvaginal mesh complications after a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) are not rare. Because life-threatening and life-changing complications are so common with these surgeries, it is extremely important to be aware of these complications and be on the lookout for signs of these complications in the days, weeks, and months after your surgery is complete.
Symptoms to watch for after a transvaginal mesh POP repair include:

  • Fever – A fever could be a sign of infection or another serious issue.
  • Severe pain – While some pain is to be expected, severe pain should absolutely be reported, especially if you can still feel it while using painkillers.
  • Increasing, instead of decreasing, discomfort and pain – Your operation should have helped relieve these symptoms, not make them worse. Increased pain and discomfort could signal serious complications.
  • Unrelieved prolapse symptoms – If, as you recover, you still suffer from the same symptoms as before your surgery, return to your doctor immediately.
  • Painful intercourse – This is a common complication of transvaginal mesh surgeries.
  • Seeing the mesh itself – Some women have reported seeing pieces of mesh in their urine or in their vagina.
Complications from transvaginal mesh POP surgeries can be permanent, life-altering, or even fatal. While some women will require multiple follow-up surgeries, others will grapple with constant pain, vaginal wall erosion, incontinence, and the loss of enjoyment of sex. While some of these complications may not have been prevented, the FDA believes that many of these serious injuries could be prevented with better doctor training, more awareness, and the severe limitation of transvaginal mesh use.

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