The first study to link autism in children to vaccines was written by Andrew Wakefield and published in the medical journal Lancet. Since that study, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed by lawyers across the United States claiming personal injury to their children as a result of vaccination drugs and preservatives. A new examination compared the reported results in the medical paper against the children's hospital records and found that the facts about the patient's were ALTERED. The study found that several children reported as normal before receiving their MMR vaccinations were previously documented as having problems in their hospital medical records.

This comes as a shock to many of Wakefield's supporters such as celebrity Jenny McCarthy and many other high profile individuals.

The tragedy is that many parents choose not to have their infants and children vaccinated because of this study. In addition, millions of dollars have been spent in lawsuits and research trying to prove this theory which could have been put to better use for these children and in finding a cure or prevention for autism.

There is no doubt that there will be many lawsuits filed by attorneys over this new development.


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