Best Ways to Ensure a Correct Diagnosis for Your Loved One in Kentucky

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If you’ve ever had to accompany a loved one to a Louisville hospital during a health emergency, you know how chaotic emergency rooms can be. You’re likely to be visited by half a dozen people on the hospital staff, from the records clerk to the nursing assistant to—finally—a doctor. How can you make sure that the right information gets to the right people?

Consequences of Misdiagnosis

A recent study of missed diagnoses or misdiagnoses in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) revealed that 28 percent of patients who died in the ICU had at least one medical condition that was not identified. In many of these cases, a correct diagnosis would have enabled the medical staff to begin treatment that could have saved the individual’s life.

Gaining an Advantage

The researchers of the study mentioned make the following recommendations for you to keep someone you love from being added to the whopping 28 percent of unfortunate patients who are misdiagnosed:

  • Know your loved one’s medical history, including health conditions, medications being taken, and so forth.
  • Have a clear explanation of the medical emergency ready; you’ll probably have to repeat it for several hospital staff.
  • Ask questions of the attending medical staff; this way, you can determine if they are being thorough and thoughtful.
  • If you think the doctors are not on the right track—if your instincts tell you that something is not quite right—urge the doctors to consider alternatives.

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