Cemetery and funeral home lawsuits are becoming increasingly common in Kentucky and across the U.S. The Plaintiffs in these lawsuits are often family members of loved ones whose remains have been mishandled or even lost. Fortunately, Kentucky courts—as well as most states across the nation—recognize the devastating psychological impact that this type of negligence causes its victims.

It's Often Not the First Offense

In many instances, an investigation into the cemetery (or funeral home) will lead to the morbid discovery that a single complaint is not an isolated incident. More often than not, multiple person’s remains have been mistreated or lost. For the past twenty years, our firm has handled cases (including this one) for individuals as well as class actions against cemeteries for:

  • Mishandling of remains: This can include dropping the body, improper storage, and improper identification.
  • Cremation errors: This can include combining cremated remains with other bodies as well as cremating the wrong body.
  • Improper treatment of remains: This can include losing bodies, using faulty equipment during the interment, misidentifying bodies and misplacing headstones.
  • Cemetery negligence: This may include wrong site burials, mass graves (burying multiple bodies in the same plot) moving bodies without families’ permission, and failing to provide upkeep to the cemetery grounds.

You Don't Have to Face This Trying Ordeal Alone

If you believe your loved one was mishandled by a cemetery or funeral home contact us today for a free consultation.

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