Millions of dollars awarded to victim of profitable company that put profits over people and ignored safety. The city bus and its contracted operations management company were ordered to pay more than $6 million to a wheelchair-bound man who was caused to roll backward and fall six feet to the floor due to the platform of the bus.

The victim of this tragic incident was a disabled man who was being hoisted onto a paratransit bus when his wheelchair rolled backward off the platform and dropped him 6 feet into his head. The accident caused severe and permanent brain injury. The victim's lawsuit over the faulty lift named the city and MV Transportation, which operates the specialized paratransit system under contract. Reportedly, the transportation company offers services at more than 100 locations in 24 states.

This was a terrible tragedy, and we hope the significant verdict amount will send a message to companies that are contracted and specifically paid large fees to operate and maintain public transportation and buses that such negligence and recklessness when it comes to public safety and welfare will not go unnoticed or unpunished.

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