Class Action Lawsuits Filed Regarding Deceptive Marketing of Lawn Mower Horsepower

Class Action lawsuits have been filed against Sears and numerous major lawn mower manufacturers, alleging that these entities engaged in a long-term deceptive and fraudulent marketing campaign overstating the horsepower of the lawn mowers they sold.  It is alleged that this misrepresentation allowed Defendants to charge higher prices for their products.

The lawsuits further allege that the Defendants engaged in a broad conspiracy, that, among other acts, sought to create a labeling requirement system to further the fraudulent scheme.

In addition to Sears, other Defendants include Deere & Company, Tecumseh Products Company, Platinum Equity LLC, Briggs & Stratton Corp., Kawasaki Motors Corp., MTD Products Inc., The Toro Company, American Honda Motor Company, Electrolux Home Products Inc., Husqvarna Outdoor Products Inc., and The Kohler Company.

For more information, [see here].

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