Consumer Reports Review Jewish Hospital in Louisville

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Since 1936, Consumer Reports has been providing its independent opinion on a wide variety of products and services. Recently, Consumer Reports issued ratings for many hospitals around the nation and here in Kentucky.

Consumer Reports’ Review of Jewish Hospital in Louisville

The highest rating issued by Consumer Reports to any hospital in the nation was a 74 out of 100, and the lowest rating was a 14 out of 100. Jewish Hospital scored somewhere between these two extremes with an overall score of 41. While Jewish Hospital scored pretty well in the areas of the appropriate use of abdominal and chest scanning, the Hospital did not score as well in the following areas:

  • Avoiding readmissions
  • Communication about hospital discharge
  • Communication about drug information

This information may be used by you, your family, or other patients to compare different hospitals in the Louisville area prior to a procedure, or you may find it useful if you have already been admitted to Jewish Hospital.

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