Many women received the Mirena IUD thinking their lives would be easier as a result. However, the product has been attributed to a number of life-altering side effects—some of which have even been acknowledged by the product manufacturer and the Food and Drug Administration.

According to FDA clinical trials, women with the Mirena device have reported:

  • Menstruation problems. Although the Mirena is marketed as a way for women to make their menstrual cycles more manageable, users often suffer breast tenderness, pelvic pain, and irregular bleeding during menses. Some women may suffer an inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis), resulting in itching, pain, and discharge, and may lead to a secondary infection (such as a UTI). 
  • Ovarian cysts. Twelve percent of women using Mirena will develop a cyst on the ovary. While these cysts may disappear on their own, they can be extremely painful and may require surgery. 
  • Breast cancer. There have been spontaneous reports of breast cancer during the post-marketing stage of the Mirena clinical experience, although increased risk of cancer while using the device has not been tested.
  • Sepsis. Some women suffered an immune response to bacteria when the Mirena was inserted. Although relatively rare, this infection can be deadly within days of contraction unless treated immediately. 

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