A Louisville traffic accident can easily be caused by distracted driving when a driver is paying more attention to writing a text message than staying focused on the road. Therefore, Kentucky has implemented a law regulating the use of cell phones by drivers operating motor vehicles. A Louisville personal injury attorney can review these laws with you to ensure that you understand.

Kentucky Driving Laws: Driver Cell Phone Usage

Recent regulations set forth by Kentucky State law puts strict rules on when drivers can and cannot use a mobile device with specific statutes appointed to different age groups.

The driving law bans all drivers whom are under the age of 18
(or otherwise minors) from using cell phones at all while a vehicle is in motion. If a driver needs to use a phone the vehicle must be stopped and parked. If a driver violates this law he or she will be held liable for a fine of $25 on the first offense and $50 on any subsequent offenses.

According to the governor's office these laws were created because of the 57,000 crashes that occurred last year that were all attributed to driver distraction. You can consult with a Louisville personal injury attorney to discuss and review the factors and reasons why texting while driving can cause a Louisville traffic accident.

Contacting a Louisville Accident Attorney

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