Kentucky State Police report that the tragic accident involving a Federal Express (FedEx) semi truck and a SUV jeep vehicle occurred just after 3:30 a.m. early Wednesday in the northbound lanes of I-65 near Louisville, Kentucky, and resulted in multiple fatalities and injured individuals. Although the police are still investigating what exactly caused the truck accident, at about 5:00 a.m. accident reconstructionists, police officers and other emergency responders were at the scene to gather evidence, clean up the road, and working to try and piece together what caused the fatal wreck.

There were a total of seven people traveling in the SUV at the time of the SUV jeep's collision with the semi and, at the time of initial investigation, the police did not know the relationship of the driver and passengers in the SUV, although the police reported that the SUV has out of state plates. The three victims, however, are believed to be under the age of 17-years old. The two adults of the SUV were airlifted and taken to University of Louisville hospital and the two other children were airlifted by emergency helicopter to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The coroner who responded to the emergency, and was at the scene, tried to identify the names and ages of the deceased.

According to the police, the driver of the FedEx truck did not suffer any serious injuries. The FedEx tractor-trailer had only minor damage, with dents in and around the front grill and right bumper area, and was sitting in the emergency lane of I-65. At about 9:00 a.m., FedEx accident investigators responded to the scene to make their own internal report. An extra FedEx crew also came to collect the two trailers while the tractor part of the semi will remain at the scene for police and investigation purposes.

It is still not known where the two vehicles were driving to or towards, nor if those involved in the accident live in or near the area. In the daylight, however, the scene of the fatal truck and car accident is becoming more clear. The SUV that was involved in the wreck could be observed on its side, very badly damaged, and with car parts and other items scattered. The SUV was lying on its side when it was eventually lifted by crews.

The accident scene is just south of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, at the Glendale exit. By 8:00 a.m., the southbound lanes of I-65 in Hardin County had opened, however, the northbound remained closed as Kentucky State Police continued their investigation of the fatal crash and the clean up of debris and items from the road. Kentucky State troopers have shut down the northbound lanes and several exit ramps to prevent more traffic from entering the highway.

For additional information and developments regarding the victims, please re-visit our site for updates. This was an unfortunate and tragic loss relating to a semi truck accident. If you, or someone you love, suffered serious injuries from a vehicle or truck crash or unexpected catastrophe, then you should contact our experienced injury lawyers to learn of your rights and compensation immediately. As one of Kentucky's top law firms, Gray and White Law has helped families obtain millions of dollars through settlements and trial verdicts to compensate individuals who were victims of crashes, wrecks, collisions or freak accidents in Kentucky through no fault of their own. Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to learn more about your case and to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. Please contact us at any time for your free legal consultation via confidential e-mail or toll-free call at 1-888-450-4456.
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