Don’t Rush Me! Giving Kentucky Babies Their Full 40 Weeks

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Human babies take 40 weeks to fully develop so that they are ready for life; unfortunately, some doctors and, yes, some moms-to-be elect to deliver early so that they determine the time to be born rather than letting baby make his entrance in his own time.

And this often puts the baby at a disadvantage.

Reasons for Early Delivery

In a hectic world, where we practically need to schedule time with our spouses, we crave convenience and predictability. Knowing exactly when a baby will be born removes the unpredictability factor, allowing parents to arrange their existing schedules—get time off work, hire a babysitter for other children, and so forth.

Planning the delivery date is convenient for doctors, as well. A call from a patient about to give birth can really throw a monkey wrench into a doctor’s carefully organized appointment schedule. Also, as Time Family Matters points out, because the doctors who actually deliver the baby get the lion’s share of financial reimbursement, they want to make sure that they are the delivering physicians.

Reasons for Full-Term Pregnancy

Now for the convincing reasons for taking a pregnancy to full term:

  • A baby’s brain weighs only two-thirds of its full-term weight.
  • At full term, a baby’s lungs have had time to develop fully, and the baby can suck and swallow more effectively.
  • Babies that are born through the labor process are born more alert, breathe more readily, and latch onto the breast better than those born via c-section.
  • Estimating due dates is not an exact science; a planned birth at 37 weeks may actually be earlier than intended.

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