Driving in Kentucky After a Brain Injury? What You Need to Know

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So many things change after you suffer a traumatic brain injury. You may be living in pain, you may be unable to work, and you may have lost a good deal of your independence. One of the things that you might miss the most is being able to drive. You may be unable to leave your home without getting a ride.

Will You Drive Again?

The decision about whether to drive again is one that should be made with your doctor(s) and your family. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, some brain injury victims:

  • Find that their driving abilities are affected by their injuries. This includes mild brain injuries.
  • Never return to driving. Research indicates that only about 30 – 60% of people who suffer severe traumatic brain injuries return to driving.

Accordingly, it is important to have medical clearance before you begin to drive again even if the wait is frustrating.

Call a Kentucky Brain Injury Lawyer If You’ve Been Hurt

If you have suffered a brain injury because of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions then you may be able to recover damages. Damages may include compensation for the loss of your ability to drive (or your independence and enjoyment of life) and for the alternate transportation arrangements that you must make.

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