EMS Driver Had Methadone In System On Night of Fatal Wreck

From WLKY . com:

"A Metro EMS tech had a drug commonly used for pain or drug addiction in her system when she was driving an ambulance involved in a fatal crash.On Thursday, prosecutors submitted 518 pages of information to the court file, including a Kentucky State Police lab report showing Brewer had methadone in her system at the time of the April 2008 crash.

Another report also questions how she was able to get methadone.On Monday, Brewer pled not guilty to seven charges against her, including murder and driving under the influence of intoxicants.Brewer, an EMT, was driving a Metro EMS ambulance and stopped to pick up 54-year-old Vickie Whobrey to take her to the hospital for a nosebleed.Whobrey's daughter, Maggie, said Brewer spoke to her and her family."She kept on apologizing for being sick," Whobrey said. "She says she feels doped up from the medication."A short time later, the ambulance crashed and Vickie Whobrey died of injuries from the wreck.According to court records obtained exclusively by WLKY News, a blood test performed by the Kentucky State Police lab found .009 milligrams of methadone in Brewer's system."

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