nursing home medical recordsYour loved one suffered sepsis because of nursing home negligence. You may know this to be true. However, before your loved one or her estate recovers damages, you are going to have to convince the court that the nursing home failed to provide reasonable care and thereby caused your loved one’s sepsis.

You Need Evidence

Some of the evidence that will be requested and analyzed by your attorney before being presented to the court includes:

  • Nursing home resident records. The record may document when your loved one first showed signs of infection, how the nursing home responded to signs of infection, and when your loved one’s condition progressed from infection to sepsis. Even a lack of documentation could be useful in your legal case, because it may indicate that the nursing home staff failed to monitor your loved one’s health and was, therefore, negligent.
  • Nursing home staffing logs. The staffing logs should show how many people were working each shift at the nursing home. The logs can provide valuable information about whether the nursing home is sufficiently staffed to care for residents.
  • Nursing home policies and procedures. Infection control policies and procedures, necessary sanitary and cleaning procedures, procedures for monitoring residents’ health, and other important information may be found in the nursing home’s written policies and procedures.
  • Nursing home maintenance logs. These logs may show how often bed linens were changed, bathrooms were cleaned, and other infection prevention tasks were completed.
  • Witnesses. Eyewitnesses may have relevant information about what the nursing home did, or did not do, for your loved one. Attorneys can issue interrogatories or request depositions to get the necessary information from eyewitnesses.

Our experienced Kentucky lawyers know what to do if your loved one has sepsis because of nursing home negligence. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your loved one’s rights and let us explain how a case might work and what you need to do next to protect your loved one’s financial compensation.

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