If you know someone who has experienced a frontal lobe injury, you are probably trying everything you can to help him recover. Unfortunately, this type of injury can cause a long and difficult recovery—and depending on the full extent of the injury, he may never be the same person he was before the accident.

A frontal lobe injury in Louisville may cause problems with:

  • Concentration, including attention deficits, an inability focus, or wandering away during long conversations
  • Communication, such as difficulty speaking, or understanding what is being said
  • Organization, such as an inability to make plans or put daily tasks in the correct order
  • Bodily movements, including pacing, twitching, spasming, or controlling different body parts
  • Mental agility, such as multitasking or switching thought processes
  • Personality changes, including mania (sudden impulsive or risky behavior) or anger
  • Loss of inhibitions, causing non-socially-acceptable behavior
  • Depression or other emotional disturbances as victims cope with their condition
  • Self-awareness (victims may not notice distinct changes in their own behavior)

The effects of a frontal lobe injury are not only serious, but they are also often permanent. Victims may be unlikely to earn their own living after a head injury—and if they are able to work, they will usually suffer a severe reduction in their earning capacity.

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