The recent news of a security breach at has many customers worried about their own security and wondering what happens next. Although Zappos has taken some steps such as changing customer passwords after receiving news of the breach, it is important that you also take the following actions:

  • Adopt good password habits. Although Zappos automatically changed all customer passwords upon learning of the breach, you should take extra precautions if you use the same password on other sites, as well. To help protect yourself in the future and make it harder for hackers to access your other accounts, change all similar passwords now, and be sure to always choose a different password for each site you visit.
  • Check your statements carefully. Zappos has stated that the database with your payment information was not affected. However, it is very important that you check your statements each month for any unauthorized activity.
  • Alert your bank or credit card company. Give your bank or credit card company a heads-up that your information may be at risk. Each company usually has its own policy on how to handle these kinds of breaches, so be sure you understand what will happen to your account and what your options are.
  • Contact a Zappos class-action attorney. The Louisville class-action attorneys with Gray & White have already filed a class-action lawsuit against Zappos We encourage you to speak with us as soon as possible about your rights. 

Not every law firm is experienced in class-action litigation. Contact an experienced Kentucky Zappos claim lawyer today at 1-800-634-8797. Our Kentucky class-action lawyers were the first to file against Zappos, and are devoted to building a strong case for others who have been affected by the Zappos security breach.
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