Shareholders were not happy that 85.2% of Medtronic Infuse sales relied on off-label uses of the product, nor that Medtronic was allegedly paying doctors to use the Infuse on patients in ways that we not approved by the FDA.

The promotion for off-label uses—which is illegal—sparked an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and an inquiry by the U.S. Senate. Sales dropped, and once Medtronic revealed to shareholders that the company was being questioned, a lawsuit was brought against the medical device company for $85 million.

Many of the problems started after patients began to experience injuries from Medtronic Infuse off-label uses. The Infuse is only approved by the FDA for certain uses, including adult lumbar fusions performed through the front of the body, tibial fractures and select dental procedures. The device is a sponge-like material soaked in a man-made bone morphogenetic protein housed in a metal cage that is implanted into the body to promote bone growth. When used off-label, excessive bone growth sometimes occurs, which can lead to serious nerve damage and other potentially-permanent health problems.

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