Why Fatal Bad-Weather Boat Accidents May Be the Boat Operator’s Fault

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We’re certainly not going to take the ridiculous position that boat operators control Kentucky weather. A person driving a boat on Rough River Lake could not cause a thunderstorm that results in an injury or fatality, the person driving a boat on Barren River Lake could not cause high winds that cause a vessel to capsize, and a person driving a boat on Lake Barkley cannot cause fog that results in a boat collision.

Weather-Related Accidents May Still Be Due to Boat Operator Neglect

We just got through telling you the obvious—that a boat operator does not cause bad weather. However, a boat operator may still cause a weather-related fatal boat accident on a Kentucky lake or river. It is the boat operator’s responsibility to check the weather forecast before leaving shore and it is the boat operator’s responsibility to keep an eye on the sky while out on the water. If a reasonable boat operator would not leave shore, or would return to shore given the weather conditions, and your boat operator did not—then your boat operator may have been negligent.

What to Do If Your Loved One Died in a Fatal Boat Crash

If you’re loved one died in a boat crash due to inclement weather then you should contact an experienced boat accident lawyer to find out more about how to protect your legal rights and possible recovery.

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