When an insufficiently protected server belonging to Amazon.com subsidiary Zappos.com was the target of a hacking attack this Sunday, private and supposedly secure information in 24 million customer accounts may have been stolen.

The Louisville class-action attorneys at Gray & White were the first to file a class-action lawsuit against Zappos. The suit was filed on behalf of Theresa Stevens of Beaumont, Texas. If you were affected by the Zappos.com security breach, we also invite you to speak with us about your rights.

If you were a Zappos.com customer, hackers may have gained access to your private information, including your name, account number, e-mail address, billing and shipping address, phone numbers, the last four digits of credit cards used for purchases, and “cryptographically scrambled” passwords.

While Zappos maintains that full credit card information is stored in a separate database, the compromised information could leave you more vulnerable to email scams, identity theft and other cyber threats.

Customers trust that authentic requests from online sources use specific identifying information such as their name, address or account number. However, that information is now potentially available to criminals. Additionally, if the passwords are unscrambled, all accounts using the same or a similar password are vulnerable.

Customers were advised by Zappos to change the password for their Zappos account, as well as any similar passwords used elsewhere. However, as of this writing, Amazon and Zappos are not offering compensation or direct personal protection such as credit monitoring services or identity theft insurance to the victims of the breach.

As a customer potentially injured by the negligence of the Zappos security breach, you doubtlessly have concerns about your online safety. We invite you to speak with us about your rights. After you take the advised actions to protect your online identity, contact an experienced Zappos claim lawyer today at 1-800-634-8797. 

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