boy scout in uniform with American flag Gray & WhiteThe Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization maintains a database of leaders and volunteers who have been accused of sexually abusing boys in their care. It was recently revealed in an unrelated court case that 7,819 men are accused of sexually abusing over 12,000 boys between 1944 and 2016. While the existence of the list was previously known, the scope of the allegations came as a shock to many.

Kentucky Victims of Boy Scout Abuse Need Legal Representation


The BSA claims that when a volunteer or employee is accused of abuse or another BSA policy violation, he is immediately removed from all scouting programs and his name is added to the volunteer screening database. The BSA also mandates that abuse allegations are reported to the police. However, these policies do nothing to help the boys who were already abused by a trusted leader. Our experienced personal injury lawyers want to help anyone who was sexually abused by a Boy Scout volunteer or staff member in Kentucky. We are here to answer all of your questions and to provide you with a free confidential consultation. We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Holding Boy Scout Abusers Accountable

Scout leaders are in a position of authority. Accordingly, the children in their charge are unable to legally consent to sex, according to Kentucky law. Sexual abuse can take many different forms and may include things such as sexual touching, oral sex, sexual intercourse, exposing a child to pornography, masturbating in front of a child, and other acts.


Whether you are an adult who was abused by a Scout leader years ago or you are the parent of a child who was abused more recently, you have a right to take legal action. Reporting the abuse to the police should be your first step, but you may also be able to take civil action to hold the abuser accountable for the harm he has caused. You or your child has experienced serious trauma and may be deeply affected for life. When you sue an abuser in civil court, you may be awarded damages to pay for medical bills, ongoing therapy, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Gray & White Law Helps Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Even if the Scout leader who sexually abused you or your child is convicted and sent to jail, you will not be compensated unless you file a civil suit. And if the abuser is not convicted, he may still be held liable in civil court. We encourage you to talk to a lawyer for child abuse victims to get reliable advice about your child’s rights. You or your child suffered harm that no one should ever suffer. Let our legal team help you recover, to the extent possible, and let us help you send a clear message that our children deserve better and that sexual abuse should never be tolerated in a Boy Scout troop or anywhere else.

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