Kentucky Patients: Do You Know the True Costs of Medication Errors?

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A new report by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics has revealed staggering information about the true cost of medication errors. According to the new report, the true cost of medication errors may be higher than you think—in both dollar values and patient impact.

The Real Problem of Medication Errors

According to the report, medication errors cost approximately:

  • $200 billion a year
  • Four million emergency room visits a year
  • 78 million outpatient treatments a year
  • Ten million hospitalizations a year

These statistics include mistakes made by both patients and doctors. If you have made a mistake yourself, such as not taking a medication that you knew you were supposed to take, then you may not have a legal case. However, if your doctor was negligent in prescribing or providing you with a medication, and you suffered physical harm as a result of taking that drug, then you may have legal rights—and in some cases, you may be entitled to a legal recovery.

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