Louisville patients don’t want to overpay for their medical supplies—nobody does. But buying transvaginal mesh on Ebay? Jeez, Louise!

The First Transvaginal Mesh Court Trial

Christine Scott of Bakersfield, California, had surgery in 2008 to correct urinary incontinence. The surgeon used two Avaulta Plus devices: anterior and posterior synthetic support systems. She immediately began to experience problems, including erosion of the mesh into neighboring tissues, organ perforation, difficulty urinating, chronic pain, and inability to have sexual intercourse.

Nine additional procedures and eight revision surgeries later, doctors concluded that the mesh could not be safely removed.

Scott and her husband sued Bard and Scott’s doctor. She was subsequently awarded $5 million, and her husband received an additional $500,000.

She Could Buy It Today on Ebay!

After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered additional clinical trials due to a plethora of reports citing complications from Avaulta Plus devices, C.R. Bard recalled them in the United States. Bard still sells the product in other countries.

Even though the products have been recalled, the same two devices that were placed in Scott showed up recently in auctions on Ebay—one Avaulta Plus Posterior Support System for $50 and two Avaulta Plus Anterior Support Systems for $200.

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