The state of Michigan is awaiting Governor Rick Snyder’s approval on a less stringent set of motorcycle helmet laws. If these new regulations are passed, Michigan’s laws will be more similar to the rules that Kentucky currently follows.

Kentucky’s policy acknowledges the value of headgear, but also includes some exceptions. Mature, experienced riders over the age of 21 can operate a motorcycle without a helmet. The proposed Michigan law, called SB 291, would call for only certain adult motorcycle riders and all operators under 21 to wear helmets while driving. 

Michigan’s House and Senate have already passed this looser set of motorcycle helmet laws. So it’s now up to the governor to make it official. But there are some snags. The Insurance Institute of Michigan (IIM) has made it known that repealing the current helmet laws could increase the fees for the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). 

This is a fund that reimburses insurance providers for no-fault claims over $500,000. It receives its monies through surcharges given to every vehicle in the state of Michigan.

According to the IIM, relaxing Michigan’s motorcycle helmet laws will mean a rise in serious injuries from motorcycle accidents. Additionally, since Michigan has a no-fault law that provides lifetime benefits for medical costs considered to be reasonable and necessary, claims paid by the MCCA will grow and policyholders will, in turn, have to pay higher premiums. 

Other Objections to Repealing Michigan’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws

In addition to arguments made by various state agencies, there are other objections to revising motorcycle helmet laws. According to an article, changing the current rules will put riders in greater danger for severe motorcycle accidents. It even cites that Kentucky’s motorcyclist fatalities, among statistics from other states, have jumped more than 50% since revamping its set of helmet laws.

Also, like the claim made by the IIM, the article states that insurance costs will increase to all drivers, if the injuries of riders without headgear become more serious. 

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