One Win, One Loss for Victims Seeking Risperdal Settlements in Court

If you are considering a case against Risperdal but are put off by going against “big pharmacy,” you may be encouraged to know there is strength in numbers. Johnson & Johnson has already been forced to pay one major settlement for illegal use of Risperdal and only recently has fought off another.

Risperdal Case Won in November 2013

  • Last year, the U.S. Department of Justice ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a $2.2 million settlement for encouraging off-label use of Risperdal in marketing materials provided by its Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit.
  • According to federal documents, Janssen purposely marketed Risperdal to control behavior in dementia patients from 1999-2005. The marketing continued even though the Food & Drug Administration did not authorize the drug for dementia treatment, and found that Risperdal increased the risk of stroke in older patients.
  • As part of the Risperdal settlement, the company pled guilty to a single criminal misdemeanor charge of marketing its anti-psychotic medication for unauthorized medical use.

Risperdal Case Overturned in January 2014

  • Johnson & Johnson recently lost a $257 million case in Louisiana for issuing misleading statements in order to convince doctors to prescribe Risperdal above other, safer alternatives. However, the Louisiana Supreme Court recently overturned the decision.
  • The court found, in a four to three vote, that the Louisiana Attorney General, James Caldwell, had not sufficiently proven that Johnson & Johnson violated state healthcare laws by promoting off-label uses and downplaying potential side-effect risks.

Our Attorneys Are Standing By to Help Kentucky Residents with Risperdal Claims

Although it may seem like an impossibility to win a Risperdal settlement for your suffering, you will never receive a dime unless you find out your legal options. Browse our case results to find out how we have helped victims just like you, or click on our related links to find out more about the risks of taking Risperdal. 


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