This article from the New York Times highlights the confusion often experienced by patients who have made emergency room visits.  The article is concerned with a recent study that followed a group of E.R. patients and measured their understanding of 1.) their diagnosis 2.) their E.R. treatment 3.) their home care instructions and 4.) the warning signs signaling a need to return to the hospital.  

The results of the study are unfortunate.  Of the surveyed patients, 78% did not understand at least one of those areas and about half did not understand two or more areas.  This is especially concerning as failure to understand these areas could lead to further and potentially life-threatening injuries for patients.  Hospitals and their staff need to take special notice of the results of this study, and need to redouble their efforts to ensure that all patients not only get the necessary medical information critical to their further care and treatment but understand it as well.

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