Personal Injury Attorney Explains Kentucky Seat Belt Laws to Protect Children from Car Accidents

Because of the recent enactment of Kentucky seat belt laws, there are rules that parents must follow for the security of younger children in passenger vehicles. Since children who are less than 40 inches tall cannot wear a seat belt, they need to be protected by a child restraint system that is approved by federal guidelines.  

In an effort to prevent any injuries from a car accident, children under the age of 7 and over 40 inches tall but less than 50 inches tall have to ride in a booster seat. A child who has not yet reached the age of 7 years old but is over 50 inches tall can use an adult seat belt when riding in a motor vehicle. 

Rear-facing infant car seats are sufficient for babies between birth to approximately 20 to 22 pounds and less than 26 inches tall. Once a child has passed the 1-year mark and weighs between 20 to 40 pounds, forward-facing car seats are recommended. A shoulder or lap belt can be used with these booster seats. Additionally, the Kentucky State police urge parents to keep their kids in a booster seat until they are at least 80 pounds and 4 feet 6 inches. 

A first offense for not securing your young offspring in a child restraint system could result in a $50 fine. You could also face a $30 fine for not making sure your older child is locked into a booster seat. 

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A car accident that harms your child can be devastating, especially if it’s due to the negligence of another driver. Even if you carefully follow Kentucky seat belt laws, you may not be able to protect yourself and your family from a collision. But the knowledgeable attorneys at Gray & White law firm can help you recover the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured because of a careless motor vehicle driver in Kentucky, call our team of lawyers for a free consultation. You can reach us toll free at 888-450-4456 or locally at 502-210-8942 today.

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