Real Trauma From a Kentucky Brain Injury May Come Long After Impact

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The hours and days immediately following a Kentucky brain injury can be critical and traumatic. As doctors tend to the acute needs of the brain injury victim, the victim and his or her loved ones may be wondering about survival. Everyone is in crisis mode. However, eventually the initial crisis will subside and the long term trauma may become evident.

2 Types of Trauma From a Kentucky Brain Injury

As the days pass, one of two types of trauma may become evident for the victim and his or her family. Specifically:

  • The victim may die. Death from a brain injury may occur immediately, or there may be a delay.
  • The victim may be left forever changed by the brain injury. As time passes from the initial injury, permanent injuries may become more apparent. Depending on the type of injury, a victim may suffer from gross or fine motor difficulties, behavior changes, personality changes, language difficulties, cognitive problems or other complications.

As the long term changes become evident and the initial crisis subsides the long term trauma of the injuries may become more significant.

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