Think about it: what do you really live for?

It likely isn’t your job and it probably isn’t the countless errands and commitments in your life. Instead, “what” you live for is more likely a “who” instead of a “what.” It is probably the people that you come home to every night or the loved ones whose visits mean the world to you.

Be free from danger on the road during National Safety MonthThis Is What National Safety Month Is Really About

Each June, the National Safety Council (NSC) sponsors National Safety Month. This year, as in previous years, the NSC encourages us to take action to reduce injuries at work, on the road, at home and in our communities. However, this year the theme is “What I Live For.” It encourages all of us to think about why we are really trying to stay safe. One of the most compelling reasons to be careful and to take safety precaution may be so that you can continue returning home to your loved ones every night.

Staying Safe on the Road Is Important to Those You Live For

Transportation safety is one of the primary focuses of the 2015 campaign. The NSC encourages each driver to take the following actions:

  • Stay off the road while you are on the phone. You can do this by turning your phone off, by asking a passenger to answer your phone for you, or by taking frequent breaks to check your messages.
  • Get plenty of rest before getting on the road. In addition to getting adequate nighttime rest, naps, sharing the driving with someone else, and frequent driving breaks can help you prevent drowsy driving accidents.
  • Prepare your teen driver. When your teen is ready for a license, practice driving with him for at least 30 minutes each week, be clear about your household rules for new drivers, limit the number of passengers your teen can have in the car, and limit nighttime driving.

These actions may not only help you avoid physical pain and the financial consequences of a crash, but they may also help ensure that you live to see the graduations, weddings, and other milestones of your loved ones. Additionally, they may help ensure that you protect your loved ones from grieving your loss in an avoidable car accident.

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