Device manufacturer Bayer touts the Mirena IUD as being more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, and claims that it can be used consistently for up to five years.

The device contains hormones which are meant to aid the process of contraception. Bayer reports that for the first three to six months, a woman’s periods may become irregular before the body becomes used to the Mirena implant, but from then on regulates the period.

Mirena is advertised as safe and effective, with only small risks for pelvic inflammatory disease or perforation at the time of implant. Bayer also reported that some women may have ovarian cysts occur, but that they disappear on their own over time.

Overall, Mirena was recommended by Bayer and by doctors as a safe, convenient form of birth control that allowed a woman to forget about daily or monthly forms of contraceptive, while making it easy to get pregnant by simply having the device removed.

However, numerous women have come forward with complaints of severe pain and bleeding, cramping, and stabbing feelings, which turned out to be the result of the Mirena IUD migrating from its original implantation site and perforating the surrounding tissue or embedding into the tissue.

Usually only detected after the woman or physician could no longer find the Mirena removal strings, an ultrasound or x-ray is typically needed to find out exactly where in the pelvic region the device has moved to.

Other reported Mirena IUD complications include such severe internal injuries that the device needs to be surgically removed, or a full DNC procedure performed in order to clean out the uterus. These procedures can require lengthy hospital stays and at-home IV antibiotic use if severe pelvic inflammatory disease is present.

Mirena IUD injuries are very serious and can affect a woman’s fertility. In some cases, the injuries have been life-threatening. If you or a loved one has suffered serious Mirena side effects, it is imperative to contact the Mirena IUD injury attorneys at Gray and White Law immediately to learn the important steps that must be taken to preserve your claim. Call 888-450-4456 or fill out our online form today. 

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