Have you chosen the Mirena IUD as a convenient form of birth control for your busy life, only to be facing serious complications?  The small, t-shaped device, which is inserted into the uterus in order to prevent pregnancy, has been all the rage for busy moms on the go, but is now leaving them stopped in their tracks with potentially deadly side effects.

Irregular spotting, ovarian cysts, painful infections and pelvic inflammatory disease are just a few ailments that many women have reported as occurring as soon as just a few short weeks after implantation.

While these injuries are serious and require medical attention, there have also been reports of more serious side effects that require invasive surgery to correct.

Three serious Mirena side effects include:

  1. Migration. Migration occurs when the device travels within the uterus to other parts of the reproductive system. The Mirena IUD has also been known to twist and shift, increasing the risk that one or both of the “arms” of the device break off.
  2. Perforation. The Mirena IUD has been known to perforate or puncture the pelvic organs after the device migrates from its original location. Perforation can cause severe pain, bleeding and permanent nerve damage.
  3. Embedment. Occurring when the Mirena implants itself in the surrounding tissue, embedment can be very painful, and when left undetected, can lead to the tissue growing over the device.  

Some women have experienced such life-threatening injuries that they have needed to undergo surgical procedures for Mirena removal.

Other women have become pregnant after the device migrated away from its recommended position, allowing for sperm to penetrate into the uterus. This can cause serious problems, especially if the embryo continues to grow in a uterus that also contains an IUD, without the mother knowing.

There have also been reports of other pelvic organs sustaining damage after the Mirena perforates through the uterine wall embeds itself into the surrounding tissue.

These injuries are very serious and their resulting claims must be handled with an extreme amount of care. For help with your Mirena IUD lawsuit claim, contact the Mirena IUD injury lawyers at Gray and White by calling 888-450-4456 or by filling out our online form.


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