Right now you may be overwhelmed by physical pain, your medical needs, and the disruption your injuries have caused in your daily routine. You haven’t yet begun to think about your legal options or your financial recovery from the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) bus crash that caused your injuries.

But That Should Change Today

Today is the day to begin thinking about protecting your legal options. While we don’t want to add more pressure to what is already a difficult situation for you, it is important to begin thinking about your legal options and about protecting your legal rights because:

  • You have a limited time to file a case against TARC.
  • You may ease your mind and prevent needless worrying if you have a plan to recover damages.
  • The sooner you file a case the sooner you can recover damages.

These benefits are significant and there is no significant benefit to waiting to file a claim. Thus, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by protecting your legal rights as soon as possible.

What You Can Do Right Now

Before you can file a claim you need to know if you have a case against TARC for the bus accident that left you injured on Market Street, Chestnut Street, or another Louisville area road. Accordingly, we encourage you to fill out our online contact form to find out more information about your potential case and about the steps that need to be taken to protect your legal rights.


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