Chances are that if you are facing a severe injury caused by internal bleeding while taking Pradaxa in Kentucky, you may not be sure where you should turn.


News reports of Pradaxa internal bleeding lawsuits have been all over the media, which may cause you to wonder if you need a lawyer to help you with your claim. But since Pradaxa is a relatively new drug, how do you know which Kentucky lawyer to hire?


Current lawsuits are claiming that Pradaxa’s manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, did not adequately warn patients taking Pradaxa of the risk of internal bleeding, nor warn the doctors about how to stop a hemorrhage after it happens. This means that the lawyer you hire must be familiar with handling cases involving defective drugs and medical devices.


The lawyers at Gray and White Law have compiled a list of questions that any patient dealing with a Pradaxa injury must ask before hiring an attorney.


  • What type of experience do you have handling claims involving medications with dangerous side effects? The attorney you choose should be practiced at handling a wide range of mass tort or class action claims involving medical drugs and devices.


  • Will I be provided with a complete case evaluation—at no charge—before I sign a contract? You should never have to pay to speak with an attorney about the best way to handle your case.


  • After I become a client, will I have access to the attorneys whenever I have a question? Look for an attorney who welcomes questions and communication with the entire staff—including the lawyers.


  • Will I be responsible for ordering my own medical records, or will your firm handle that on my behalf? A good attorney will handle all of the medical records requests on your behalf, in addition to obtaining copies of the itemized bills that accompany the medical treatment.


  • Will I still have to pay money if my case never settles? Find a lawyer who will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will only be responsible for payment if and when your case settles.


If you have additional questions about finding an attorney most suited to handle your Kentucky Pradaxa internal bleeding lawsuit, contact the Kentucky medication error lawyers at Gray and White Law immediately to schedule your complimentary case evaluation. Simply call 1-888-450-4456 or fill our online form today. 

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