Diabetes frequently goes undiagnosed because of the harmless symptoms associated with this medical condition.  It is believed that more than 6.3 million people suffer from undiagnosed diabetes.  Doctors sometimes fail to recognize the signs of diabetes, which is unfortunate since early detection can reduce the risk of developing complications.

Undiagnosed diabetes can lead to vision loss, heart disease, stroke and amputation.  Children are frequently the victims of undiagnosed diabetes, which can cause significant weight gain.  Even though it is rare, undiagnosed diabetes can result in death.  That is why it is vital that physicians promptly diagnose and treat this disorder.

Physicians can be held liable for undiagnosed diabetes cases.  It is the responsibility of the medical professional to follow the appropriate diagnosis process and to provide an acceptable standard of care. 

If you have been injured from undiagnosed or misdiagnosed diabetes, you may be able to file a Kentucky malpractice claim against the negligent medical provider.  Contact a Louisville medical malpractice attorney today at Gray and White Law at 502-637-6000 or 800-637-6033 for legal advice.

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