Heart patients who were seeking an alternative to the dangerous blood thinning drug Warfarin may have been relieved when the FDA approved Dabigatran in 2010. However, new information suggests that this new drug may be just as dangerous if used incorrectly.  The following is a list of some of the Dabigatran related health concerns that are currently being voiced by the medical community:

  • Less Patient Monitoring – One of Dabigatran’s selling points is that, unlike Warfarin, it does not require frequent medical monitoring to detect and prevent brain hemorrhaging and other harmful bleeding. This means, however, that without routine blood checks and medical follow-up, it is more difficult for doctors to ensure the proper use of Dabigatran. 
  • Medical Community Learning Curve – The introduction of this blood thinner has sparked a change in the medical community. As doctors familiarize themselves with the drug and its treatment plan, they hope to see a reduction in the injuries and deaths associated with its use.
  • There Is No Emergency Antidote – Among the risks is the possibility of this blood thinner interacting harmfully with other drugs—including common painkillers—to unexpectedly affect blood levels. While doctors know of an antidote for Warfarin should a bleeding emergency occur, there is not yet one in place for Dabigatran.
  • More Reported Deaths – The Institute for Safe Medication Practices announced last month its estimation that at 542, there were more Dabigatran deaths in 2011 than with any other drug, including Warfarin which was associated with 72 deaths.

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