Self-neglect is an important issue of elder care. Some elderly Americans are left to care for themselves long after they are physically and/or mentally capable of doing so, and, as a result, they are hurt.

Self-Neglect Should Not Be an Issue in a Kentucky Nursing Home

One of the reasons that you and your loved one likely decided on nursing home care is because you believed that your loved one was not reasonably able to care for herself at home and required care beyond what you, or another person, could provide in the home. Accordingly, your loved one moved into a skilled nursing home. The expectation was that your loved one’s basic needs, such as grooming, eating, and hydration, would be met, as would her medical needs. You believed that she would be safe and that she would live comfortably.

When that does not happen—when your loved one is malnourished, dirty, dehydrated, or fails to take her medication—then it is likely the nursing home that is failing to provide her with adequate care.

Let Our Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Help You Help Your Loved One

This type of nursing home negligence or elder abuse should not be permitted in Kentucky. Your loved one is entitled to receive reasonable care, free of neglect, in her nursing home. For more information about how our Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys may be able to help your loved one recover from the wrong that has been done, please call us today at 800.634.8767 or 502.210.8942.

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