No, all nursing home staff members are not subject to a criminal background check in Kentucky. Currently, only nurses at Kentucky nursing homes are required to undergo background checks. 

A Kentucky nursing home lawyer can help if you thing that a loved one has undergone nursing home abuse in Louisville by: 
  • a meal preparer;
  • administrative staff;
  • support staff;
  • maintenance personnel; and
  • janitorial personnel.  

Residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes are often reliant on the care of staff and are incapable of protecting themselves against any kind of neglect or abuse, even from support staff that don't regularly have direct contact with residents.

When a facility fails to properly screen its support staff, they risk exposing elderly residents to people who may commit nursing home abuse in Louisville. If repeat offenders transfer residences often and change jobs, they could potentially be hired to work over and over for different nursing homes.

Proper background checks are not always conducted by the human resources or personnel department of assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Screening only nurses is not enough to adequately ensure the protection of your loved one

If someone you love has been exposed to harm or neglect in a nursing home because the facility failed to run background checks on personnel or staff, contact a team of Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyers. 

Our lawyers will work tirelessly alongside you to pursue justice for your loved one and force the wrongdoers responsible for nursing home abuse in Louisville to be accountable for their abuse or neglect.

You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, restitution, and/or wrongful death benefits.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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