Nursing homes can be held liable for injuring or neglecting patients in their care. When a nursing home is suspected of abusing, neglecting or injuring a patient, there are three types of actions that can be taken against the establishment. It is important to consult an experienced nursing home neglect attorney before deciding which legal route to take. A nursing home neglect attorney will know best which legal action can ensure your case’s success and your loved one’s future protection.

In the case of nursing home neglect or abuse, the legal options available are:
  • An investigation – You can have an adult protective services agency launch an investigation into the care of your loved one and other patients at the facility. This aims to stop the abuse or nursing home neglect and protect patients from further harm.
  • A civil lawsuit – A patient or patient’s family can file a civil lawsuit against the facility to receive damages that resulted from nursing home neglect, abuse or injury.
  • A criminal prosecution – A patient or patient's family member can file a criminal lawsuit for nursing home neglect or abuse. A criminal lawsuit aims to punish the nursing home for its actions (or inactions).

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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