In some cases it may not be safe to crush or break up pills before taking them. If you were seriously injured because of a medication error, then compensation could be available. You should speak to your Louisville medical error attorney as soon as possible.

Although taking pills can be difficult for some people, it isn’t always safe to crush or break them up. That’s because some medication is time-release, meaning it is designed to slowly work its way through your system. If you crush or break up your pills, this could result in the medicine working too quickly through your body. 

Time-release medication contains a special coating, which delays absorption or helps to protect your stomach. By crushing or breaking up these types of pills, the medication may not work properly or could lead to adverse health effects. 

Medication errors can many times be prevented when adverse side effects or other warnings are provided to the patient. A failure to include warnings about the potential dangers of crushing or breaking up pills could lead to a pharmacist or drug manufacturer being held liable. 

By not disclosing important information such as this, it may be considered an act of negligence. Medical negligence which results in serious injuries, could then lead to the filing of a claim.  

Your next step should be to seek help from a Louisville medical error attorney, if you believe a medication error was the cause of your injuries. An attorney will examine the details of your case and determine if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

Contacting a Louisville Medical Error Attorney

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